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Photo credit: Mary Desmond/Virginia Tech Student Affairs

Mental health is health. And we believe that when it comes to mental health, at VT we are Better Together.

At Virginia Tech, we believe that mental health is an essential component of well-being. But we also know it can be hard to figure out where to start – whether caring for yourself or a friend. So we’ve gathered resources and information for you to help you with your mental health journey. Whether you’re at the beginning of your path, somewhere in the middle, a faculty member helping a student, or just wanting to help a friend, find the resources to help us all be Better Together.

Learn about mental health

  • One of the best ways we can improve the mental health of our community is to have a better understanding of what mental health is, what can affect it, and how to maintain good mental health. Find facts about mental health, learn how it impacts our campus community, and find trainings to be prepared for mental health emergencies.

Help someone

  • Often those closest to someone experiencing mental health issues are the ones who can help, but where do you start? Let us help you by providing resources and services – including self-directed and online help. We can help you be the support your friends, students, or family members need.

Get help

  • Whether you’re experiencing issues with mental health for the first time or have been managing a mental health concern for a while, there are a number of resources and programs on campus, in the Blacksburg area, and online to support you. Find both individual services and self-directed resources to help you on your mental health journey.

Stay mentally healthy

  • Beyond the immediate concerns of a mental health crisis, there are many things we can do to stay mentally healthy. Learn how to maintain your mental health and well-being while at Virginia Tech.