Student graduating

We all deserve to consistently enjoy and be engaged with what we do on a day to day basis. That may not always be the case but there are tips to improve and maintain a healthy purpose well-being. Creating and taking opportunities that ignite feelings of joy and excitement will affect the other areas of well-being in a positive way.

Students graduating

Know and Understand Your Strengths

Students are encouraged to focus on their gifts and talents, honing them into true strengths. Taking the CliftonStrengths assessment will help youidentify, explain, and hone into what your natural strengths are.

What is important to you?

Finding what is most important to you will help you figure out the things you want to be working toward. Prioritizing may seem intimidating, but it will allow clarity for the path you may be searching for.

Your Squad

Spending time with people who encourage growth will be beneficial to keep you motivated. Having support to find or achieve your purpose along with positive and healthy influences can become an important asset to have during your time at Virginia Tech.


Setting goals is important, but it is equally important to set steps for those goals to keep on track and stay motivated. Motivation can be difficult to find some days and goals may change, so it is essential that you keep your strengths and interests in mind to find what makes you happy.

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