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What can I do at Virginia Tech to find my purpose?

Get involved! There are countless student clubs and organizations. The clubs and organizations vary from the Chocolate Milk Monday Club and the Dank Meme Club to the Women in Neuroscience Organization, Biochemistry Club, Philosophy Club, and everything beyond and inbetween. To check out all of the clubs and organizations located at Virginia Tech, go to GobblerConnect. If you can’t find a club or organization you are interested in joining, create your own!

What if my purpose isn’t history making?

Not everyone’s purpose is going to be earth shattering, and that is perfectly fine. Each and everyone’s purpose is important no matter the size or impact. Everyone has their own specific set of skills that they are best at, and those skills will differ with each person. If you don’t have any inclination of what your purpose may be, start by doing more things that you enjoy that are beneficial to you and your well-being.

How can I build stronger relationships?

Understand yourself. Work to learn more about your emotions and your communication style. By doing this, you can learn how to communicate effectively with others

Respect the wants, needs, and boundaries of others and yourself. 

What if I am too introverted to start a conversation?

It is perfectly fine to not be the one to start the conversation, but you should still be open others to engage with you. It may feel uncomfortable at first, and that is ok! Take a deep breath. If there is an awkward silence in the conversation, try bringing up a topic that interests you.

How do I prevent myself from overspending?

Managing your money responsibly by keeping a financial plan or budget can keep you from overspending. Allocating your money to items of top priority such as bills and savings first will help alleviate financial stress.

What should I be aware of when spending at Virginia Tech?

Be aware of the different types of expenses for on-campus living and off-campus living. On-campus residents do not typically have to worry about transportation or specific utilities that an off-campus commuter may have to think about.

  • Buying or renting used textbooks can be dramatically cheaper than buying a brand new textbook.
  • Taking advantage of free activities and clubs around campus and the community are a good way to have fun without the stress of paying.
  • Doing extensive research when searching for off-campus housing is important because you do not want to be overpaying for better and cheaper opportunities.
  • Using the BT transit system to get around Virginia Tech and Blacksburg can help save on gas.

Where can I find Virginia Tech and community events to get involved in?

Gobblerfest is an annual festival intended to engage students in campus activities and connect with the surrounding community while inspiring curiosity, civility, and self-understanding. This is a great way to meet other students and explore common interests.

The Big Event is a great way to get involved in the community! Sign up as an individual or as a group to work on projects around the Blacksburg community. 

If you get involved with something that allows you to use your strengths, the work won’t feel like work. Doing things that you actually enjoy while improving your community’s well-being will make tasks more enjoyable.

What resources does Virginia Tech have that allow me to improve my physical well-being?

Virginia Tech Rec Sports provides group exercise classes, personal training, small group training, Olympic Lifting, dance classes and clubs, swim classes and clubs, Venture Out, and Virginia Tech golf. Each of these options can be found at McComas Hall or War Memorial.

Where can I find the less intense physical activities?

Everyone starts somewhere! If you feel like the activities are too intense for you, talk to the person running the program and ask if there are alternative options. There is also nothing wrong with taking things at your own pace.

What can I do to better understand my emotions?

Your emotions are crucial to your ability to adapt to the challenges of your daily life. Emotions affect relationships with others. Here are some things you can do to begin understanding your emotions:

  • Broaden your emotion vocabulary - There are basic emotions like anger, fear, happiness, sadness, contempt, pride, shame, love, and anxiety. There are other ways to describe what you’re feeling, you just have to find them.
  • Write it out - Writing what you are experiencing can help you identify the root of your emotions and visualize them.
  • Know that emotions help us navigate - All emotions, even the negative ones, help us navigate our lives.
  • Share your emotions with the people closest to you - Practicing putting your emotions to words is a skill that can help you feel closer to your friends, significant others, parents, coaches, mentors, etc. 

**Note: This may not work for you, do research and try new things until you find what works for you. 

What support groups are available at Virginia Tech?

The Cook Counseling Center at Virginia Tech has group counseling available in the following topics: 

  • Understanding Self and Others
  • Substance Use Group
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Skill Group
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Skills Group for Eating Disorders
  • Anxiety and Depression Groups
  • The Moose Group (Group Counseling with the Virginia Tech Therapy dog)
  • English Practice Group 
  • Cultivating Self-Compassion
  • Gender and Sexual Diversities Support Group
  • Mindful Hokies 
  • Grief Group